Credit consolidation: for whom? what interest today?

The grouping of appropriations concerns all those whose amount of revenue does not allow them to meet expenses. It also interests all those who have assets and who want to obtain the financial means to improve their cash flow, make donations or investments. for further explanation   For many the appropriateness of grouping credits […]

Loan without an employment contract.

Loans without an employment contract – absolutely feasible Getting a loan if you have a valid employment contract is not a big problem. The bank therefore has information that it has a regular income and can also service the recurring credit rates plus the interest accruing. But not everyone who needs a loan has an […]

Temporary Employment Loan – Difficult but Not Impossible.

  ixed-term contracts are part of everyday life for many workers. Permanent positions have long been the exception and no longer the rule. A fixed-term contract is always problematic when a loan is required. Most money houses drop their thumbs almost instantly. It is so difficult to find a suitable loan. Of course, it is […]

Custom credit repurchase – disadvantages.

   Just fill out our little online form, we’ve simplified it as much as possible to make it quick and easy to fill out. Then receive your free quote for a 100% personalized study by an analyst (sent by email within an hour on weekdays). The online simulation is completely free. Likewise, you can ask […]

Credit for secondary businesses.

The loan for the secondary trade – what options are there? The credit for the secondary trade comes from most banks from the house bank or direct bank. The income in the main job, that ensures the creditworthiness and the repayment ability of the loan amount. In the case of smaller sums, only the checking […]

Instant credit in 24 hours without Credit bureau.

Fast availability of the loan amount Today, more and more private individuals are looking for a quickly available loan that offers low interest rates in addition to simple applications. In addition to the large banks and savings banks with a fixed branch system, more and more online banks are now offering a high-performance loan with […]

How does online credit analysis work?

Every time a person applies for a loan, be it personal, financing, or otherwise, he goes through a credit analysis. Credit analysis is nothing more than a verification of the institution that will award value on the risks of lending money to you. In Lite Lender’s case, there is also a great consideration of the […]

Loan without paperwork.

Loan with short processing times and no paperwork Those who are interested in a loan are usually also in a financial emergency. Bills still have to be paid and there is a big minus on the account. A loan is usually the very last resort. Of course, it also has to be quick and quick […]