Seek out history, food and art in Beaumont, a quirky American boom town


A little Cajun, a lot Texan, and 100% unique, Beaumont is on the Louisiana-Lone Star State border, just 90 miles east of Houston.

As one of America’s first boomtowns, it’s known for its storied past with incredible preserved buildings, a treasure trove of antique shops, bayous and birdwatching, and a foodie scene. impressive.

Here are some additional things to add to your local itinerary:

Take a selfie in front of the world’s largest working fire hydrant
Naturally, the Dalmatian fire hydrant is just outside the Texas Fire Museum, which is the hottest place in town – literally. It houses an extensive collection of vintage fire prevention devices and gadgets ranging from ladders to trucks and more, dating back to the 1800s.

Be artistic
Fireflies, mermaids, Frida and more are all present on the walls of Beaumont, where local street artists have left their mark. You can see many city murals right in the city center.

For more art, the Southeast Texas Art Museum has 1,000 permanent exhibits and a rotating collection of whimsical and thought-provoking works – and admission is always free.

Browse the Farmer’s Market
Every Saturday morning from February to December, the Farmer’s Market brings in fresh produce, small-batch jams and jellies, pastries, and more. Plus, there’s usually live music and entertainment to enjoy while you’re browsing.

Take a tour of the museums
From grand mansions built by captains of industry to utilitarian dwellings that reflect the aspirations of pioneers trying to exploit the American dream, Beaumont’s historic homes tell the story of those who started it all. Some of these houses are now museums.

The John Jay French Museum is a Greek Revival style house and the oldest in the city, originally built in 1845 by a local merchant and tanner.

the majestic McFaddin-Ward Home is a Beaux-Arts Colonial architectural marvel, surrounded by ancient oak trees and enchanting gardens, with displays of original furniture and antiques.

And a visit from 1907 Chamber of Chambers offers a fascinating insight into middle-class life in the 20th century.

A quirky one-room museum hidden in plain sight, the Edison Museum is dedicated solely to Thomas Edison and his inventions and features interactive, hands-on science exhibits.

And if you want to know the history of Beaumont’s oil industry, the Gladys City Boomtown spinning top On the Lamar University campus is a recreation of an early 20th-century “boomtown” that sprung up after the Lucas Gusher’s operation on Spindletop Hill in 1901.

Explore the great outdoors
A popular location with cycle paths and walks is Cattail Marsh, which includes 900 acres of scenic wetlands. It is also a wildlife refuge for a variety of aquatic mammals and over 250 species of birds each year, including pelicans, egrets, roseate spoonbills, ducks, ibises, doves and red-shouldered blackbirds.

large thicket also has plenty of room to roam, with nine different ecosystems – from pine forests to cypress-fringed bayous – 40 miles of hiking, canoeing and kayaking trails.

In Tyrrell Park, Beaumont Botanical Garden is another beautiful place for nature. Its 23 acres include themed gardens of camellias, modern and antique roses, bromeliads and many native plants.

Follow the sound of music
The 1928 Julie Rogers Theater currently houses the Southeast Texas Symphony. But the theater itself is a sight to behold, with its neo-classical architecture fitted with pillars and an ornate stage – think rococo-style painted cherubs floating in the clouds, chandeliers, arched windows, grand staircases twins, and more.

Also in town, Event garden of the 7 oaks is a unique concert experience that invites singers and songwriters to perform original pieces in a Texas listening room. With seating limited to 30-40, it feels like an intimate personal gig or a jam session at a friend’s house. And there is also a large outdoor patio and a garden.

See a classic in a classic
History 1927 Jefferson Theater hosts classic weekly movie nights every Friday as well as a regular season of shows and performances.

Savor the local scene
Rao’s Bakery has been the city’s favorite breakfast spot since the 1940s for its sausage-stuffed kolaches, muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, and more, plus all the hot and iced coffees you can to imagine.

J. Wilson’s the brunch game is a solid 10, with sweet and savory homemade dishes like French toast, chicken and waffles, and oyster nachos; also be sure to get the Man Candy (slow smoked pork belly with habanero jelly).

Another popular meeting place is the Login Cafe & Pub where they regularly offer live music, karaoke, blues jams, stand-up comedy, open mic nights and more to go along with their food and drink menu.

Beaumont is also home to the original Jason’s grocery storeand the restaurant still has a small town vibe.

It’s always Taco Tuesday at La Bamba Tacos with authentic al pastor, carnitas, barbacoa, and more, and the best burgers around are at At dad’swhere you should have one with a float of nostalgic root beer or malt.

For more epic frozen desserts, Real Michoacana offers fresh homemade ice cream, fruit bars, agua fresca, etc.

Learn more and choose your own adventure in Beaumont here.


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