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Samsung’s latest upgrade could make your fridge covered in postcards a thing of the past.

The electronics company recently announced the launch of MyBespoke fridge panels, which will allow you to print artwork you select on the French doors of Samsung Bespoke appliances. The panels can be added to a fridge when you buy it or, if you already have one, the existing doors can be replaced with the MyBespoke option. Either way, they’ll be delivered right to your door, with one sign costing $250 each.

The refrigerator for someone who loves color


“MyBespoke brings a new level of personalization to our line of bespoke devices, inspiring a whole new way to express your creativity,” Shane Higby, head of home appliance business at Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement. “Whether it’s a favorite personal photo or a bold print you’ve designed, the possibilities are endless as this is your one-of-a-kind bespoke fridge.”

To complement your original design, Samsung offers complementary options for doors and lower drawers. Bold, bright and neutral colors are available with glossy or metallic finishes so you can achieve the look that best suits the artwork.

For the launch, Samsung teamed up with three creatives, each of whom designed their own fridge panels: tattoo artist Dr. Woo, visual artist Katie Rodgers and family content creator Olive Mannella. Each of their designs is extremely unique, bringing their personality into the kitchen. For example, Dr. Woo decorated his refrigerator with delicate tattoo-like illustrations.

A Samsung fridge with a picture of the beach on it

Your whole refrigerator could be a work of art.


“I’m drawn to tattoos because art is about expression, and it’s so personal,” he said in a statement. “I love this project for the same reason. It’s about printing something, this time your kitchen, with your own story. And each has a unique story to tell.

Samsung said the refrigerator panels will be available online from the end of the year. If a tattoo is too much of a commitment for you, maybe these custom designs will serve as a more temporary way to introduce art into your life.


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