Recycling tips for your clothes and more with Ipswich creations


Why is clothing swapping so good for the environment?

Clothing swaps are only a small part of the sustainable fashion solution. It’s a first step that starts a conversation and helps keep pre-loved but undamaged items out of landfills by extending their lifespan.

The best thing we can do is think very critically about what we really need, support the companies doing the right thing and the innovators looking to create a truly circular fashion system.

What’s the first step for Ipswich residents interested in ‘Upcycling’?

Discover our local op-shops. Seriously, we are spoiled for choice! They’re a great source of pre-loved, inexpensive items just waiting for you to take home, get creative, and rework.

You can also think beyond clothing as a source of scarce materials. Vintage tablecloths, crazy patterned doonas, bed sheets and even linen tea towels can be made into the most extraordinary and beautiful things to wear or decorate your home.

If you have a lot of items you’ve loved before that aren’t in good enough condition to donate to the op-shop or clothing exchange, you can book a clothing recycling collection from ‘Superior’. For a small fee, they’ll collect a box (or boxes) of pre-loved items at your doorstep, sort them and then reuse, reuse, or recycle them.

Finally, how do you decide which dozens of sales to go to as part of Garage Sale Trail’s two weekends?

It’s easier than you think! Jump on the Garage Sale Trail website to see what’s happening nearby. Each vendor provides a list of the types of items they have available to give you an idea of ​​what treasures you might find. If it’s vintage you’re looking for, head to the places where it’s listed.

Some sellers have photos as well, so definitely have a good trawl through those if you need more information on what’s on offer.

Clothing Exchange – Event Space No.3, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich City Council Building
6 p.m., Thursday November 11

Participation is limited to ages 16 and over to ensure the clothing line meets the needs of the group.

Registration is essential. Admission is $ 10 – follow this link to reserve your spot, and don’t forget to bring at least five items of clothing to swap!

Garage Sale Trail – various locations around Ipswich
November 13 to 14 and 20 to 21

Reusing old items is not only a way to earn extra money, but also a way to help reduce the waste that ends up in landfills. This year will see two great garage sales weekends held simultaneously across the country, with more bargains and more fun to save the planet than ever before!

To follow this link to learn how to organize a sale and find locations in Ipswich.

For more information and to register for Sustainable Ipswich Month events, visit

Sustainable Ipswich Month is organized with the support of the following partners:
Ipswich Libraries, Council’s Habitat Gardens Program, Ipswich Waste Services, Ipswich Nurseries, Council’s Active Kids Program and Garage Sale Trail.

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