Phantom Lighting’s state-of-the-art fine art lighting provides a “magical” backlit glow for private collectors


Phantom Lighting’s latest artistic lighting solutions feature patented hidden hardware, precision optics and a fully customizable beam pattern to precisely mold light to the contours of sculpture, architecture and artwork.

Easily installed in new construction or remodeling projects, each led optical framing spotlight conceals patented “lighting from within” technology that is customized to match the exact size of the artwork, from the tapestry or sculpture, being illuminated to create the appearance of a backlit glow.

Hidden in the ceiling or surface mounted above the target artwork, the range of state-of-the-art contour spotlights offer the perfect solution for art collectors looking for fine art lighting and sculpture that creates a powerful statement without any hardware being seen.

Phantom Lighting owner Tom Kretzschmar says:I wanted to create a led lighting system that puts our customers’ collectibles and prized possessions in the center of attention while receiving none of that attention itself.

“When I developed this technology, it was important that it be fully customizable, user-friendly and meet the unique and very specific needs of each client.

“Our optical framing projectors help collectors share and enjoy their works of art with family and friends. They enhance colors, reveal tiny details that might otherwise go unnoticed, and reveal the masterpiece within. For me, lighting is an art. Sharing this passion with lovers of other types of art is extremely gratifying.

Kretzschmar’s passion for lighting stems from a background in art, lighting design, engineering and hands-on experience as a licensed journeyman electrician. He has owned and operated several lighting companies and now brings his multi-disciplinary skills and passion to creating state-of-the-art and very shaded for residential and commercial applications.

The art lighting choice for private collectors

Clients Joe and Lily Bruso used the Phantom Lighting frame projector to showcase their carefully displayed Peter Lik collection. The couple – avid collectors of the fine art photographer’s work – needed a lighting system that would show off their original pieces in an elegant and sympathetic way without excess stray light flooding the surrounding walls.

The Brusos say, “Tom’s Phantom Lighting has the answer…to fine art and cabinet lighting.

“The hidden frame spotlights are so good at illuminating our Peter Lik collection just inside the frames that my original art looks backlit – like a screen image.

“But that’s clearly impossible, so my guests often ask me, ‘How is that possible? “. The spotlights are almost invisible on the ceiling, so it really looks like magic! »

Phantom Lighting contour floodlights not only provide a highly precise and customizable beam of light, but are also gentle on valuable artwork and architecture, safe and, above all, energy efficient. Individual lighting projects are overseen by the company’s team of lighting experts at all stages – before, during and after installation.

To develop their own fine art lighting solution, private art collectors can contact Phantom Lighting via their website:

About Ghost Lighting Systems

Phantom Lighting Systems is the leading solution provider for fine art lighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting and other interior and architectural illuminations. The company’s proprietary ‘interior lighting’ technology is featured in its six distinctive ranges of cutting-edge LED floodlights. Owner Tom Kretzschmar is a Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) and an Industry Partner of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

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