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Fabric is key, so look for light, airy natural fabrics that dry easily. At Sezane elegant Gizeh wrap dress, £190 (6) in silk and cotton seersucker, worn over a swimsuit or black slip for the evening with jewels and a trendy sandal. Mark & ​​Spencer The ruffled V-neck midi dress, £22.50, is perfect for having lunch by the pool or for hopping in your bedroom – and it weighs next to nothing in your luggage. Choose bold colors, like All Saints’ multicolored maxi (1, below) or bright green, as seen on Nina Urgell in Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza (left), or try a vibrant print – the uplifting prints from the Brazilian brand Farm Rio (3, below). ) are investment purchases that will become a staple in your vacation wardrobe.

Nina Urgell in Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza.

Pack a favorite belt (14) and jewelry (13) to style the evening look. For sheer dresses, add a vintage slip underneath when you go out. Look on eBay for a good used bargain. Accessorize your beach dress with a sun hat (10). Pick something you can put in your suitcase without it getting crushed. Rae Feather’s packable panama (available in two sizes) rolls up like a dream. With a wide-brimmed straw hat, wear it or wrap the crown with your bathing suit and roll up your sundresses and wrap them around the crown to protect the shape of the hat. Complete the look with minimalist leather sandals or something ornate. And don’t forget to slip a fan in your carry-on and stay cool during the flight and by the pool. We love Toast’s Cambodian palm leaf fan, £12 (9) and the Columbia Collective fluted woven fan in muted colours, £32 (15) – both are great stylish additions to any outfit.

Spaghetti Strap Dress, £77,

1. Spaghetti Strap, £77,

Ombre dress, £80,

2. Ombre, £80,

Geometric print, £160,

3. Geometric print, £160,

Green, £189, Faithfull The Brand at

4. Green, £189, true to brand at

Floral, £69,

5. Floral, £69,

Black, £190,

6. Black, £190,

Tiered, £79,

7. Tiered, £79,

Linen, £39.99,

8. Linen, £39.99,

Fan, £12,

9. Fan, £12, toast

Hat, £70,

10. Hat, £70,

Towel, £37,

11. Towel, £37,

Bucket bag, £195,

12. Bucket bag, £195,

Necklace, £138,

13. Necklace, £138,

Belt, £40,

14. Belt, £40,

Woven fan, £32,

15. Woven fan, £32,


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