Legendary Koraidon Motorcycle Theory Comes To Life In Fan Art


Impressive new fan art imagines what the theorized motorcycle form of Pokémon Scarlet’s Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon, might look like.

A fan’s artistic wife has drawn an impressive take on the new ‘legendary bikes’ theory which is now spreading online at Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The theory arose in response to the recent reveal of the new Legendary Pokemon.

When Koraidon and Miraidon were revealed, a curious aspect of their designs that immediately caught fans’ attention was their similarities to vehicles. Koraidon appears to have a wheel built into his chest, while his Miraidon counterpart has legs that resemble jet engines. Both have antennae somehow emerging from their heads, which could also be interpreted as front sights. The common part of their names, -raidon, even sounds like “ride on” when pronounced. Some have speculated that these details indicate that the new legendaries have an unusual ability; which Koraidon can transform into a motorcycle, and Miraidon a similar, albeit jet-powered, vehicle. Additionally, the theory states that they will most likely be usable by the player in these alternate forms. With the concept of Ride Pokémon already well established, the theory quickly gained traction as a logical extension of the existing game mechanic.


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Now, a fan’s wife has produced an impressive piece of art based on that theory. Uploaded by Reddit user tonythesharkthe image depicts a trainer performing a Akira-slide style with motorcycle-shaped Koraidon. The artist chose not to turn Koraidon’s antennae into front sights, but instead creatively used a pair of purple shoulder spikes as inspiration. The picture, which tonytheshark simply described as a “prediction of what… “bike mode” might look like“, is very well drawn, looking very much like an official piece of concept art. Much like Koraidon, the trainer’s design is taken from the recent second trailer, as one of the custom characters seen engaging in the new cooperative mode.

With the extremely evocative designs of Koraidon and Miraidon, it seems likely that there will at least be some level of vehicle-related knowledge for them. Whether they will truly become a unique type of Pokémon Ride remains to be seen, but the concept of vehicles will likely tie into themes of the past and future built around Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It could be that, in keeping with a historical theme, the real “Bike Koraidon” has a much more primitive design than what has been imagined here. Of course, it’s worth noting that any design can have different interpretations, much like how Tonytheshark’s wife chose to convert Koraidon’s shoulder spikes into front sights rather than antennae. The other Legendary Pokemon ran into a similar problem, with Miraidon sporting a remarkably NSFW appearance when viewed from the right (or wrong) angle.

If the rumor is confirmed, the establishment of vehicle sheets for the Pokemon scarlet and violet Legendaries will likely be an interesting gameplay feature. If the implementation looks like this illustration, it may even be one of the most exciting parts of the new adventure. After all, while a true Akira impersonation probably won’t be in the cards for gameplay, it must be said that using a literally legendary means of transportation will likely prove to be an exhilarating experience. And as the theory gains traction, it certainly won’t be the last amazing piece. Pokemon fan art to imagine what the new legendaries might look like in these potential alternate forms.

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Sources: tonytheshark/Reddit, tonytheshark/imgur

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