Launching Distributed Ownership of NFT Supercars with Instant Success


This week, MContent introduced the world’s first supercar ownership NFT series, selling out the first three in minutes. The unprecedented launch event unveiled the NFTs, which allow buyers to own and drive the highly sought-after Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series for an entire month each year when purchasing digital artwork and Custom physics by world famous NFT artist Idriss B.

The NFT supercar launch campaign also featured digital tutorials from mega self-influencers Super Car Blondie and Arab GT; and included the reveal of a groundbreaking NFT collection called “PROJECT BLACK”. Selling the near impossible to obtain, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series shared ownership with 12 NFT buyers. With only a handful produced worldwide by the manufacturer, this AMG is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of German engineering featuring over 700 horsepower and a handcrafted engine, the model has overwhelming demand in the industry car enthusiasts. MContent has teamed up with world renowned artist Idriss B whose high profile clients include Akon, Lindsey Lohan and Snoop Dogg. Created a total of 12 unique bespoke digital and physical artworks to give away to NFT buyers, each reflecting a month of the year and minted for each owner.

#ProjectBlack was hosted in the world’s first AMG Kaffeehaus, where the list of NFTs on ( was announced in real time and the top three NFTs have already received their first offers During the live announcement ceremony, the initial base value of each NFT is set at around 25 Ethereum or the equivalent of 80,000 USD and the Open Sea auction lasts a total of 12 days.

Umair Masoom, founder and CEO of MContent, says; “The Web3 is designed to provide scalable and creative solutions to address supply, demand, accessibility and financing issues that exist in different industries around the world. Our revolutionary NFT format called Project Black is a starting point for selling product experiences to more consumers than available inventory. This will start a global trend towards distributed ownership of luxury assets for different brands and segments. MContent is the web3 and cryptocurrency brand that is now globally recognized for always innovating and setting new trends. Our innovation started with the world’s first blockchain-based content funding ecosystem, after which we launched the world’s first #Watch2Earn decentralized content delivery platform, followed by the world’s first Cineverse – our cinema for the metaverse, and extended it to several iconic locations. Today, our landmark implementation of Project Black NFT shows how we can help different companies and brands define the future of their consumer experiences and value propositions in an increasingly digital world.

Comments by NFT artist Idriss BI’m super proud to be part of this incredible first of its kind across NFT. Not only is the concept great, but the car itself is a work of art. The fact that it is fierce, powerful and rare inspired me to sublimate it to the best. When MContent came to me I was totally into the concept and had thousands of ideas immediately, knowing that the NFT element pushes boundaries and gives me endless possibilities for creativity, I also wanted to represent the car and bring real value to NFT holders.

Partner of the event, Anas Bhurtun, CEO of Arts Dao, a leading global community of NFT artists, collectors and enthusiasts, says: “Arts DAO is thrilled to partner with MContent for this one-of-a-kind event. The utility in the NFT space is quickly becoming the most valuable pillar of any project, with the “Project Black” utility at the forefront, allowing luxury car enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of an AMG car they might not have had the chance to drive otherwise. We are grateful to be able to help merge both the NFT world and the world of luxury cars, this is just the beginning of what NFT technology can bring.

This unique NFT has many utilities, ranging from owning, driving and experiencing the car for a month every year to owning the unique 3D NFT model of the car and a real physical miniature of the car with unique elements based on the number of the NFT. In addition to shared ownership, after a few years, MContent will resell the car and redistribute the value directly to its NFT holders. MContent also announced that a fixed amount of proceeds from NFT sales will be donated to the Rashid Center for People of Determination as part of its CSR framework.


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About MContent

Earlier in January 2022, leading UAE conglomerate Gargash Group announced a major investment in MContent, the world’s first tokenized content ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the global content landscape. Designed to convert content viewers into content owners, the one-of-a-kind platform enables crowdfunding of capital-intensive film production and content creators using the cryptocurrency, NFT. The platform has already financed 11 leading film projects on 4 continents.

The native MContent token currently trades at a market cap of over $100 million on over six centralized and decentralized exchanges and the platform plans to fund 100 global projects by the end of 2022.

About Idris B

Idriss B is a French-Tunisian artist and sculptor, best known for his eccentric style and his polygonal structures in the shape of animals. Born and raised in Paris, Idriss has been interested in art since childhood. 3 years ago, he began his career as an artist. Each of his pieces is a limited edition, takes approximately five months to produce, and can be customized in colors and finishes, giving his high profile clients and early buyers the opportunity for their own unique works of art.

His collection of animal sculptures, scattered across Dubai hotspots, never fails to create a buzz and consistently sell out thanks to his impressive collaborations and extreme marketing tactics – Mid-2020, Dubai residents sent the media spiral above a helicopter-flying gorilla through one of its seaside communities! Some of his high-profile clients include Akon, Lindsey Lohan, Snoop Dogg, and more recently he created a 12-foot (3.6-meter) statue – the tall statue of viral CZN phenomenon Burak – which was the first statue” human” by Idriss B.

After establishing himself in the Middle East and obtaining a golden visa to the United Arab Emirates as a top talent, Idriss B has just taken over Park Avenue, New York, with a public exhibition of sculptures (some over 20 feet) in February.

About Arts Dao

Arts DAO has spent the last year connecting the most influential collectors, investors and artists in the NFT space to bring the brightest ideas, skills and minds into our DAO.

We use our influence and network to accelerate NFT projects which we believe are diamonds in the rough that just need a little polishing. Arts DAO is considered the largest NFT community in the Middle East and regularly organizes events with leading NFT companies, brands and projects.

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