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After a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Racine Garden Center is hosting its biannual Summer Magic Garden Tour (racinegardenclub.org/summer-magic-garden-tour1.html). A farm in the Union Grove area, two gardens in Mount Pleasant and a courtyard in Racine have been chosen to have their organic art showcased during self-guided walking tours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Tickets are $10 “at the door” of each garden.

“What’s fun and interesting about working with the garden owners on the tour is watching them thrive as they take care and take pride in preparing for the big day. They change, beautify and/or enhance their already beautiful and unique gardens,” wrote Carolyn Seeger. , co-chair of the Summer Magic Garden Tour 2022, in an email. “We see these special people giving their all to their work for this event. We couldn’t do the tour without people like them who are willing to share their passion for gardening with Racine Garden Club members and Summer attendees. Magic Garden Tour.

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By the hand

Location: 8915 Arbor Hill Drive

Gardeners: Bill and DeDe Arndt

MOUNT PLEASANT – Bill Arndt had his current home built in 2005. He had been an avid gardener since living on his own in the mid-1970s. Arndt took it upon himself to make his garden enjoyable after having his house built, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Arndt’s garden includes several ornamental trees like seven flower sons, Japanese lilac, Japanese maples and a few Cleveland pears.

Arndt takes pride in growing everything in his garden, as well as building many of his features himself.

Bill Arndt admires his hand-built pergola.

Alex Rodriguez

The different parts of his garden can be seen from his handmade pergola, a kind of terrace shade made of wooden slats. Other handmade items in Arndt’s garden include a handcrafted and painted woodshed and birdhouses, which Arndt also sells.

Bill says his wife, DeDe, prefers to view the garden from the patio and pergola.

“She’s more of the supervisor,” Bill joked. “She likes to sit on the terrace, so I want it to be pleasant for her.”


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