Form Leaver Builds Ksh Million Vintage Car From Scratch


Yusuf Toya, a Form Four graduate and Jua Kali craftsman based in Ukunda, Kwale County, has built a Ksh 1 million vintage car from scratch using recycled metals.

In an interview with TV47 on June 4, Toya revealed that the design of the vehicle was inspired by the Mini Moke model which was famous around the world in the 1960s.

Craftsman jua kali said the car was assembled locally, noting that he used materials from his shop. Moreover, Toya revealed that it cost him 200,000 Ksh to make his project happen.

A collage image of Yusuf Toya during an interview (LEFT) and inside his car (RIGHT).


“I learned welding while working in my uncle’s jua kali workshop. Later, I opened my own workshop. Contrary to what people think, I did not take a welding course. engineering and I learned all of this by experience,” said the craftsman. .

He added that the artwork attracted many residents and tourists who showed interest in buying the car.

Toya said the car was attractive because its outlook was modeled to perfection. He said many tourists in the area rent him out for various sightseeing adventures in the county.

“The car is very attractive and most people get out of their vehicles to come and see it. The good thing about this car is that it can go long distances because I put a radiator and temperature gauges among other important parts of the car.”

One of the residents praised Toya for his innovation by revealing that the car served as an ambulance to take a pregnant woman to the hospital. He described the car as a lifeline as the area had few ambulances.

“The vision of the vehicle is different from others. It saved us because we used it to take a pregnant woman to the hospital and back to her home because there was no transportation,” said the resident.

Furthermore, Toya urged the government to invest in the country’s cottage industry, noting that the sector could provide employment for many talented young people who are unemployed.

However, he praised the government for introducing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), saying many children will start learning their talents from an early age.

“Right now people are crying about unemployment and all they need is motivation. I never imagined my car would be rolling down the road, but as you can see today, she’s over there. The same can apply to them,” Toya said. .

An image of a vintage Mini Moke car in a showroom.

An image of a vintage Mini Moke car in a showroom.

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