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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has revolutionized the concept of Easter Eggs by adding a healthy dose of them to all films in the franchise. Fictional universe television series are no exception. Since Wanda Vision for Hawk Eyeevery episode of a Disney+ Marvel show is filled with hidden references, subtle jokes, or just in-universe connections.

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While Reddit draws hordes of Marvel fans, it’s no surprise that most of these Easter Eggs have been unearthed by Redditors all over the world. It just goes to show that MCU shows leave enough potential for fans to talk and watch the details even months after their release.


People on Earth know of the existence of Groot (Hawkeye)

The New York City Larpers Insta Page seen on Hawkeye

The two guardians of the galaxy the films directed by James Gunn were mostly set in space. Although the characters appear alongside other Avengers in Infinity War and End of Game, they never reach Earth directly. But in the third episode of Hawkeye, the Instagram page of the New York City role-playing group Larpers reveals that he is being followed by Doctor Strange and an Instagram account named “iamgr00t”.

James Gunn himself was the first to notice this by tweeting the photo from the episode. This tweet was later shared widely within the Marvel Redditor community by the l_l_l-illiam account.

A car license plate references the comic featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision for the first time

A car license plate spotted in WandaVision

The retro-styled pilot episode of Wanda Vision featured the titular couple driving off in a car with a license plate reading “0102”. Redditor benpettit17 pointed out that this might be an intentional reference to Avengers vol 1. #102. This 1970s Avengers comic issue is pretty iconic among Avengers fans, revolving around Vision and Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) as the characters main.

The comic dealt with Vision’s wish to become human, a recurring theme in the character’s story arcs as well as his relationship with Wanda. In the same story, he also fails to rescue Wanda as she is captured by Sentinel robots. Since this was a nascent phase for both characters, even their costumes are reminiscent of the vintage appearances they sport in the Halloween-themed episode.

There are several Infinity Stones in the Multiverse

Loki's Finale Confirmed The Stone Infinity Theory

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s obsessive ties to the Infinity Stones, viewers would have thought Thanos possessed the only set of cosmic stones capable of altering the dimensions of reality and time.

But as we see in Loki, the office of the Time Variance Authority (TVA) consists of several of these Stones. In fact, some are even used as clipboards. Because the VAT takes care of all questions related to time in different universes. “From what we can assume there is one set in every universe, not that there are only six in the entire multiverse,” says Reddit user to support the claim.

Wanda refers to a movie starring the two “Quicksilver actors”

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff Quicksilver Julian Hilliard as Billy Maximoff Jett Klyne as Tommy Maximoff WandaVision

In Episode 6 of WandaVision, Pietro does some sleight of hand with Wanda’s two sons, Billy and Tommy. The latter remarks, “kick” seeing him running at lightning speed. At this, even Wanda jokingly mutters “kick ass” to herself. Careful observers would notice that the repetition of the word could be a deliberate reference to Kick-Ass, the superhero comedy based on Mark Millar’s graphic novel.

Not only Kick-Ass featured Evan Peters who plays Quicksilver in 20th Century Fox x-men movies, but it also featured Aaron Taylor-Johnson who was the MCU’s first Quicksilver. Reddit user Lanten101 was one of the first people to point out the reference to a discussion of the episode’s spoilers.

Hawkeye foreshadowed the construction of the Statue of Liberty in no way home

Like Spider-Man: No Way Oute set after Captain America’s retirement, it shows the Statue of Liberty as a memorial to the hero’s legacy. For this reason, the iconic monument is being renovated with a gigantic shield attached to it. However, just days before the film’s release, a scene from Hawkeye already hinted at this new construction.

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Like Redditor imadogg points out, Yelena tells Kate that one of the things she wants to do while visiting New York is to see the “new look” of the Statue of Liberty.

Peter Parker’s classmate appears in WandaVision’s end credits

End credits of WandaVision

In the first episode of Wanda Vision, the meta-narrative includes the lives of Wanda and Vision as a black-and-white sitcom episode. As the credits of this “show inside the show” begin to play, the attentive viewer Quennath noted that a certain “Abe Brown” directed the episode.

This is an MCU reference as Abe Brown is a minor character in the Spider-Man MCU movies. He is one of Peter Parker’s classmates at Midtown School of Science and Technology and was featured alongside Cindy Moon.

Hawkeye’s Pilot Opens With A Tower Named After Iron Man’s First Villain

Hawkeye Stane Tower

Hawkeye opens with Kate Bishop on college grounds, shooting an arrow through a steeple in the middle of the night. Interestingly, at a glance, one can notice that the tower plaque refers to one of the first MCU villains. Once an ally of Tony Stark, it’s only natural to see the wealthy entrepreneur as a donor to educational institutions.

Reddit user hendrix pancakes added another specific connection between the two actors playing Bishop and Stane. Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges both appeared in the critically acclaimed neo-Western film by the Coen Brothers. The real courage.

The falcon carrying Karli’s body could allude to a sculpture by Michelangelo

Falcon carrying Karli's body

Despite Karli’s extremist activities and eventual death, Sam Wilson aka Falcon finds good in her and wears her body like a fallen heroine. The mid-flight scene of Falcon carrying his corpse is reminiscent of the cover of one of Alex Ross’ comedy miniseries wonders. However, the scene also has a connection to the classical art world.

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The falcon holding his corpse seemed to be a reference to the masterful work of Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo Pieta. The work depicts Jesus dying in the arms of his mother Mary after the crucifixion. According to GodGivesBabiesFaith, “This Michelangelo sculpture is definitely referenced when Falcon is holding Karli dead. She (Karli) was a flawed character on the show whose purpose/ideals will best be echoed by Captain America.”. The Redditor added another comment how Karli fits into the archetype of the messiah in fiction, likening him to a Christ figure.

Thanos’ helicopter appears in the ruins

Loki Episode 5 Thanos Copter

Comics can sometimes be unexpectedly funny, especially when it comes to vintage editions. For example, the menacing cosmic titan Thanos once had a cramped helicopter as his vehicle of choice. When Hellcat captured the Cosmic Cube for herself in Spider Stories #39 (1978), Thanos pulled out a random helicopter to get to him. With his name printed on it, the plane was very conveniently christened Thanos-Copter.

In the episode of Loki where the titular anti-hero encounters several other variants in the void, even the infamous helicopter can be seen in the ruins. A Reddit thread on the scene evoked positive reactions to this unexpected Easter egg. Like theneonlobster remarked, “Peak fan service. Thank you, Kevin Feige, you’re one of us.”. LazarusDark had an even more dramatic reaction, “Thanoscopter is basically the cutting edge MCU for me. I saw this and jumped off the couch. I literally considered turning it off, because I knew nothing in the MCU would never top this moment.”

Hawkeye Isn’t the Only Hailee Steinfeld Show to Have an Imagine Dragons Connection

In Hawk Eye, a recurring gag among Russian goons is that one of them is a fan of Imagine Dragons. As he insists on going to the concert of the Canadian rock band with his girlfriend, Kate gives him her two cents on the situation. She adds that she doesn’t really like Imagine Dragons, which annoys the Tracksuit Mafia member.

SodiumBombRankEX mentions that “She (Hailee) is also on another show that has Imagine Dragons in it.” This is a reference to Esoteric which starred Hailee Steinfeld as the protagonist Violet. Based on League of Legends lore, the show also features Imagine Dragons as fictionalized versions of themselves.

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