Denver diorama artist makes it big by getting small


DENVER – As an artist, if you want to be successful you usually have to start small. Luckily for Scott Hildebrandt, that’s where he shines.

“I had the opportunity to create art by reusing old clocks, radios, cameras, televisions and putting little dioramas in them,” Hildebrandt said.

His hobby, future career, and future nickname “Mr. Christmas” all started with a Christmas present.

“I wanted to make a unique Christmas present for my girlfriend, so I built this vintage Christmas scene, put it under a glass dome and lit it up. And she loved it, so I started doing more, ”he said.

Hildebrandt replaced the interiors of old desk clocks with tiny camping scenes. He put a movie theater model in a portable 1950s television set. He built a moped factory and a subway system inside an old snare drum.

“It’s hard to determine exactly what it is because it’s so unique,” ​​he said.

These sculptures, as he calls them, took him from craft shows to the Cherry Creek Art Festival, where he won the award for best performance.

Then the call came from Meow Wolf.

“In my hallway, in my facility, there are over 200 dioramas,” Hildebrandt said.

He was chosen as one of many local Colorado artists to bring their work permanently to the folk art experience.

“Being able to do this full time is a dream and it’s an honor to share my art with other people and connect with them,” he said. “And honestly, that’s the greatest joy.”

It is normal that joy and Mr. Christmas go perfectly together.

For more information or to see more dioramas, visit his site here.


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