Creativity in the spotlight


Creativity is in the spotlight in the Valley of the Moon, with artists invited to apply for a new grant program, the Sonoma Valley High School Student Art Show on tap, and sixth graders at Adele Harrison Middle School creating fables that have been published in a book.

Creative Sonoma offers a mini-grants program

Artists interested in creating a community engagement and public art practice are encouraged to apply for a new mini-grants program designed to encourage creative place-making projects in Sonoma County.

Creative Sonoma in Santa Rosa offers the project, in which a cohort of artists will be selected to participate in personalized trainings to improve their skills to engage communities, transform public spaces and processes, and use the arts to address civic challenges. and commercial. The members of the artist cohort will each receive a grant to finance a temporary artistic project which they will develop as a “case study”.

Participating artists will be paired with arts ‘champions’ who will provide sites for new artwork. Advocates will also participate in training to learn about best practices for working with artists on public projects. The program will run from May to December this year and participants must commit to up to 20 hours of training and networking. Applications must be received by April 26.

“This program is designed to recognize the value of creating creative places in our communities – using arts and culture to enliven our spaces and reflect who we are,” said County Board of Supervisors James Gore. Sonoma. “It also provides both professional development and much-needed funding for our artists as they help us all look forward to a better year ahead.”

Funding for the program is provided by the Hewlett Foundation. Program details, in English and Spanish, are available at

Creative Sonoma is a division of the Sonoma County Economic Development Council and is dedicated to supporting and advancing Sonoma County’s creative community.

Art Show held for Sonoma Valley High School April 27-28

The Sonoma Valley High School Student Art Exhibition will be held at Golton Hall on April 27 from 3:15-5 p.m. and April 28 from 3:15-6 p.m.

The art exhibit includes work from students of all grade levels in 2D, 3D, and industrial art as well as photo and graphic design work. The prizes will be awarded on Monday by the teachers of the school.

Adele Harrison’s student fables published in a book

Sixth-grade students in Ellen Gruenhagen’s class at Adele Harrison Middle School participated in a writing and presentation project culminating in a published book.

While attending Kathleen Esch’s writing center, the students created and memorized fables, then staff from Adele Harrison’s office, Principal Paul Tuohy and Vice Principal Shane Topolinski helped them practice presentations based on fables. The pupils performed them for children at Prestwood Primary School and to make their presentations more entertaining they added original puppets. The project involved many hours of collaboration, critical thinking, imagination and fun.

The project culminated in a published book, complete not only with the fables, but also with an introduction, acknowledgment, author’s notes, and a student-created cover. The book is on display in the school library.

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