Build a Custom Uniqcube Lightbox for $80


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Lighting automation offers us exceptional services, which you could benefit from at home or in the office. According to “Cooler light makes workers more productive,” so choosing bulbs that transition from day to night could put you in an optimal state of mind.

But while smart lights offer plenty of customization, there are more ways to influence your productivity and mood than simply adjusting the color temperature of your environment. Take the Uniqcube light box, for example. You can personalize this fixture with images and artwork that evoke positive memories and emotions, and .

The Uniqcube softbox features six customizable sides, allowing you to create functional fixtures or statement pieces. Want a bold and elegant lamp? Add patterns and artwork to match your decor. Alternatively, you can include photos from weddings, vacations, and family events to give your workspace a relaxing, ambient vibe. It supports E27 bulbs, so you can choose options with programmable color-changing and temperature-changing effects for further customization.

Uniqcube constructs its lamps from a thin, flexible and lightweight polyester film, so they should be easy to transport around your home, and the company even suggests you can use them as pendant lights. The material is also durable and waterproof, so you can easily clean the softbox with a damp towel without worrying about damaging it.

Customizing your lamp is easy. Simply visit the Uniqcube website, upload your images, choose a background color, and add text if you wish. You can preview your designs to make sure your light box looks like you want before placing an order.

Give yourself a light source that makes you smile. You can or $18 off.

Prices subject to change.

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