Bizongo Artwork Stream Sees Over 100% Growth in QoQ Customers in FY22


A B2B commerce enablement platform, Bizongo saw over 100% quarter-over-quarter growth in total customers on its packaging and labeling artwork management solution based on cloud, Artwork flow for FY22.

As packaging artwork becomes an integral part of the product manufacturing process, Artwork Flow’s remarkable growth is underpinned by its offering that eases the arduous challenges of product labeling for brands in the UK, EU, North America and APAC.

The platform also noted growing demand from industries, such as beauty and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, which faced a rapidly changing regulatory landscape for packaging. and labeling. Following guidelines issued by federal agencies, such as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), can be cumbersome and difficult to understand. Artwork Flow’s automated compliance service has helped brands eliminate instances of product mislabeling that can put them at risk of recalls and, in some cases, costly lawsuits.

The global label market is estimated to reach a value of nearly US$60 billion by 2026. Currently, the space is reliant on legacy tools and lacks cohesion with multiple communication channels in play, slowing often the management of works of art and the process of creation. .

Additionally, with the rise of e-commerce and personalized products, manufacturers need modern artwork management platforms to create attractive, error-free labels that stand out on shelves and align with regulatory guidelines. .

Arjita Kulshreshtha, Associate Director – Artwork Flow, Bizongo said, “Brands have always had to manage labeling and artwork requirements, but the globalized economy and changing consumer demands, among other forces, made it more intimidating. As Bizongo reaches this milestone, I’m proud of our team’s dedication to customer success and lightning-fast innovation. We focus on streamlining our clients’ packaging artwork requirements and saving them time and money while providing visibility to every stakeholder throughout the process.



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