Avondale installs new solar kiosks in the city


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The City of Avondale recently installed pedestrian-friendly digital solar kiosks around the city at the BLVD next to the American Sports Center; in Old Town in front of the Avondale Sam Garcia Library and at Festival Fields Park. The new 100% solar-powered signs, made by Soofa, provide information on local news and events in high-visibility areas of the city.

Soofa panels are used by smart cities coast to coast to keep the public informed of city events. Avondale is the first city in Arizona to use these innovative panels.

Avondale installs new solar kiosks in az city signals

Photo courtesy of the City of Avondale.

“Using the new kiosks is another commitment to providing a source of information for residents and visitors to the city, and showcasing how Avondale, as a winner of the Digital Cities award, is implementing smart, sustainable technology. “said Jeff Scheetz. , chief information officer of Avondale.

The signs detect pedestrian traffic, providing insight into the use of public spaces. They have a cloud-based content management system that makes it easy for the city to deliver valuable real-time information. The signs were funded by multiple government departments as part of a collaborative effort to improve technology and increase citizen awareness. Ultimately, advertising space on billboards can generate additional funds to support additional displays to be rolled out around the city.

Colorful Soofa signs feature custom vinyl artwork, designed in-house by Avondale’s marketing and public relations department. “In addition to being functional, we have strived to make each kiosk a work of art, with personalized branding for each specific area for which the sign is located,” said Pier Simeri, Marketing Director of ‘Avondale. She added that the new Soofa signs also complement recent aesthetic improvements along Avondale’s streetscapes, such as street banners along key corridors and new digital marquees on Avondale Boulevard.

For more information on Soofa signaling technology, visit soofadigital.com.

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