Alina reveals big career news after marrying Steven


90 Day Russian Bride: The Other Way cast member Alina shared a major job update with Instagram fans ahead of her marriage in Turkey to Steven.

90 day fiancé: the other way Star Alina Shaimardanova had revealed big news about her job after getting married to Steven Johnston in Turkey. Alina, a resident of Novosibirsk, was a student of Asian politics and Chinese language at her university when she decided to take a year off to marry Steven. Fans sharply criticized Alina for always staying with Steven despite her lies and bad behavior and also for sacrificing her career for him. Some suspected Alina was only with Steven for a green card, but she scoffed at the rumors.

Turns out Alina doesn’t want to be just a reality TV star or influencer after her overnight success with 90 day fiancé. Alina had revealed in the past that she wanted to be a really cool digital artist and that she was working towards her goal. Fans had gotten a glimpse of Alina’s creative talents after showing off her makeup and body art skills 90 day fiancé: the other way introduction. But Alina’s talents with digital painting were not explored in the series as she faced Steven’s hypocrisy and cheating. However, fans quickly found out that Alina had a second Instagram profile and was doing custom portraits for a living.


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Before fans can watch Alina and Steven’s gorgeous wedding in Turkey 90 day fiancé: the other way Episode 14, the bride had an exciting update to share. “Hi guys! Great news” wrote Alina on her Instagram stories. “I created a shopShe added with enthusiasm. As Alina gave an overview of her website while browsing it on her computer in the background, she revealed that she will be selling her artwork printed on canvas, posters and phone cases. She then explained how she wanted to open the store for Black Friday but unfortunately ran into some technical issues!

Alina Makeup Digital Art Steven Still Together Instagram in 90 Day Fiancé

So! It will be open for Cyber ​​Monday“shared an excited Alina. She asked her followers to go take a look at her website. But Alina also warned them that her checkout page was not working.”So you won’t be able to check (buy) stuff!Said the creative genius and Aquarius Alina, posting a link to his page – alinaotherway. On her homepage, Alina mentioned that although painting has always been her passion, it wasn’t until she started filming. 90 day fiancé that she realized she could “making art more than just a hobby.“Digital art has become that of Alina”main source of income and much more. “She feels that through her digital paintings, her portraits, etc., she can express herself”and contribute to the world.

Alina explained how buying her art or spreading the word about it helps fund her education and her future. She also thanked all 90 day fiancé: the other way fans for making her artist dreams come true alongside her father for taking her “in nature. “Not so long ago, Alina was scolded by 90 day fiancé viewers for starting a $ 5,000 fundraiser and trying to make money from her reality TV fame. However, Alina had admitted to having faced financial difficulties after meeting Steven, admitting it was a risky decision. Alina wants to enroll in an accredited US college full time for her marketing degree and fans are proud of Alina who is now using her art to make her biggest dream come true.

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Source: Alina Shaimardanova/ Instagram

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