Adobe: Keeping school papers organized is as easy as ABC with Adobe Acrobat Online


Keeping school papers organized is as easy as ABC with Adobe Acrobat Online

Whether your kids are just starting kindergarten or finishing high school, the deluge of school paperwork – from finger painting memorabilia to report cards – is enough to make a mess of any household. Especially when kids and parents share a workspace at home, keeping your space free of bulky paper is important for productivity and sanity.

You can fill dozens of files with school memorabilia and mementos dating back to your child’s first grade days. Or you can save space and keep everything in a digital filing system with Adobe Acrobat Online Tools and the Adobe Scan application. And organizing your files will be faster than trying to remember how to do a long division – so you may have more time to help your kids with their math homework.

Chronicle of artistic projects for each school year

While each and every piece of art your children make seem priceless, the sheer amount may make you want to throw away more than you save. the Adobe Scan application is the solution. Use your smartphone’s camera to capture macaroni art in its pristine state, before the ravages of time turn it into a coarse, crumbly mess.

Retire your label maker. And add your child’s name, date, and any additional information to the file name of your scan – so you can quickly find anything by searching your simple organized PDF file system. Whether it’s time to scrapbook or just take a trip down memory lane, Adobe’s cloud storage keeps years of art or documents close at hand. Plus, you can access it from any device or browser with an Adobe connection.

Capture and keep school photos too

Don’t let a single adorable or scary school photo get lost in the remodel. Instead of cluttering your desk with shoeboxes full of photos, use Adobe Scan to digitally collect and store school photos. They will be easy to find and re-print for photo books. You can easily extract files to add to your family newsletter or order them on personalized coffee mugs to remind you of your kids during the work day.

Keep yourself – and your children – organized

There is one universal truth about every year your child goes through: there is a lot of paperwork. From schoolwork such as essays, homework and worksheets to report cards and teacher notes, organizing kids’ school documents is easy with free PDF tools.

Use the PDF Merge Tool to combine the important sheets of each class into a single file. Make sure each page is in the correct order with the Reorganize PDF Tool which allows you to rearrange any document. Same insert new pages and remove extras. You can access everything from Adobe Document Cloud, so your child can never pretend the dog ate homework.

Sign and send school forms of all kinds

Bring some sanity to the back-to-school paperwork with Adobe Fill and Signature Tools. Each year, school registrations, university admission applications, athletic and extracurricular program forms, medical information and field trip authorization sheets are provided. Bypass printing by using electronic signatures to quickly sign and submit all of your children’s documents. Best of all, you’ll have copies handy in an easy-to-search digital file box for forms that need to be resubmitted next year.

Collaborate with teachers and parents

Communicating with teachers and other parents about activities, parties, and clubs can be difficult to juggle with your daily grind. PDF sharing is a simple way to work together and streamline communication, regardless of everyone’s busy schedules. Add comments or sticky notes to documents to track changes and collect all comments quickly and easily.

Do everything safely

Have peace of mind about every form and personal detail you share with PDF password protected. Make sure that only the appropriate parties can access private information such as addresses and Social Security numbers on your child’s school papers. Saving time is only worth it if you can do it safely, and Adobe makes it possible.

Don’t find yourself at the end of the year going through piles of forms and homework, wondering what special papers you need to keep for the next year. Organize kids’ school papers with Adobe tools to declutter your life and make every year a little easier.


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