A preview of Martha Stewart’s “The Great American Tag Sale”


KATONAH, NY – Celebrity businesswoman and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart hosted “The Great American Tag Sale” over the weekend, selling a wide selection of her personal items at her Westchester, NY estate

At the icon’s first-ever tag sale, Stewart offered items she’s collected over the years, including clothing, books and magazines, jadeite glassware, furniture, artwork art, decorations and kitchenware. Some of the books on offer included “Tartine”, by Elisabeth H. Prueitt and “As the Future Catches You” by Juan Enriquez. Stewart posted items on her Instagram, such as vintage tableware and bamboo lounge chairs.

A sign on Martha Stewart’s property for the ‘Great American Storytelling Sale’.

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Books and magazines offered during Martha Stewarts "The Great Sale of American Tales."

Books and magazines offered at Martha Stewarts’ “Great American Storytelling Sale”.

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“I’ve worked non-stop with a great team of people – cleaning my barns and pulling out thousands of items. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re a decorator, collector, new home buyer or a tag sale lover – you’re sure to find treasures”, Stewart written in a blog post.

A book proposed during Martha Stewarts "The Great Sale of American Tales."

A book offered during the “Great sale of American tales” by Martha Stewarts.

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Gift baskets during Martha Stewarts'

Baskets on offer at Martha Stewarts’ “Great American Tales Sale”.

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Customers, who bought tickets with prices ranging from $25 to $250, were bussed to her Katonah estate, which she purchased in 2000, according to House Digest. The land is also home to Friesian horses and peacocks, which she regularly posts about her. Instagram account.

Proceeds from the sale of tags will go to New York City Mt. Sinai Martha Stewart Centers for Living, according to a post on his blog. The centers’ mission is “to advance the quality of care for the elderly and reshape the public’s perception of aging,” Stewart writes. “[The centers are] a place that teaches the elderly and those who love them how to age gracefully.”

ABC will host a one-hour special after Stewart’s event team and the sale premiere on May 25, Stewart announced. During the sale, some customers were interviewed for the program.

Guests at Martha Stewarts "The Great Sale of American Tales."

Guests at “The Great American Tale Sale” by Martha Stewarts.

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Stewart was previously a longtime resident of Westport, owning a farm on Turkey Hill Road South. Stewart wrote about how much home meant to her and how she used to go to every local label and yard sale she could find, in an article on his website.

“Turkey Hill was a dream place for my family and I for many years. It taught us, it nurtured us, it nurtured us and it kept us busy in so many wonderful and instructive ways. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the vast knowledge I acquired there, on this little piece of paradise”, wrote Stewart on its website.


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