33 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas to Recruit Your “I Do” Crew


After the initial burst from the question comes another important question: ask your team to stand beside you (literally) when you officially hitch up your cart. Get inspired, and maybe a laugh or two, with these 33 bridesmaid proposal ideas.

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You can never go wrong with this time-tested classic bridesmaid proposal favorite. The loose fit of these mauve beauties is stretchy enough to ensure girls won’t mess up their wedding hair when they put on their dresses on the big day.

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For the bridal party that’s totally meant to be plant parents but without the hassle it takes to keep most plants alive, propose with this delightful box adorned with one of the hardiest, low-requisite plants around. maintenance.delicious.

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Who doesn’t love a high quality bridesmaid pajama set? This set comes in 13 colors and will be perfect for your bachelorette party, bachelorette party or getting ready for your wedding day.

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Surprise your riders with this cute little craft that will keep them busy for at least a little while. Don’t worry about wasting too much time, because the puzzle only has 30 pieces and the difficulty level is easy.

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Ask your friends to support you on your special day with this lovely bridesmaid gift from Sugarfina featuring a selection of champagne and strawberry flavored wedding-inspired candies.

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For the bride who wants to set the right tone for the festivities. Refuse for what?

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Add them to your proposal box or send them individually as little favors, either way you’re giving your party a little gem to remember your big day. They are handmade with beads, rainstone beads and come with an elastic ribbon which is super handy whether the wearer has thick or thin hair.

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You’ll already have tons of things on your agenda and maybe you just want a suggestion box ready to go. It is that option. This bridesmaid gift set includes a scrunchie, rose gold bracelet, bridesmaid wine goblet, makeup bag, makeup mirror, diamond pen, champagne and white hair ties , a keychain and a bridesmaid card for you to jot down a quick message.

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A makeup bag on its own is essential at a wedding (you can never have too much lip gloss…if only we could find where to put it), but a personalized mini pouch for your girls to store their lipsticks, pressed powders, emergency sewing kits, and maybe even a tampon or two can go a long, long way.

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Everyone loves a good candle and let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a classic lavender scent. This aromatherapy spike is made of natural soy wax and 100% lead-free organic cotton wick and does not produce black smoke when lit.

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You bonded over the fact that your star signs were super compatible, so why not show you cherish that with these nifty lips from Sephora. You can get one for each star sign in your wedding party.

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Give the gift of real roses that last up to three years with this beautiful gift set from Eternal Roses. The package comes with beautifully preserved roses in an elegant hat box adorned with ribbons, a charming and lasting way to celebrate the memories made.

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Another classic bridesmaid proposal, give your best friends comfort with these elegant dresses. Made of high quality silk and adorned with matching lace on the sleeves and bottom, these dresses not only offer luxury, but also top-notch comfort.

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You promised each other to be best friends forever in fifth grade and now you can upgrade Claire’s friendship bracelet with this glitzy stunner from Kate Spade. This necklace is a bit pricey, so maybe save it for your bridesmaid or if you have a small wedding party.

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If you tie the knot of a beautiful island somewhere, what better gift than a handy tote your bridesmaid can fully utilize on the big day and beyond. This bag will be ideal for storing larger items such as spare shoes, a bottle of water or some snacks.

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The best thing about this gift is not the fact that it speaks of their deep love for coffee or tea, but you can also have a special message engraved on the other side of this mug. Whether it’s your standard invitation message, your favorite poem or scripture, or an embarrassing joke that only you know.

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Offer to your loved ones (friends) by personalizing their favorite bottle of Merlot with a photo that brings back memories. This particular label from Banana Chip Studio is weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about stains over time, and it comes in three different sizes: 4″ x 5″, 3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 3″.

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These tie bracelets make an elegant gift and a cohesive accessory that anyone can wear in your bridal party. They are rose gold or 18k plated and are also available in silver. Each bracelet is packaged in a pretty heart-shaped gift box with a floral insert of your choice so you can personalize each package if you wish.

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Pair it with this personalized wine bottle and you will surely win your best friends. The super chic ombré effect of this stemless glass can be accentuated with lowercase letters of a name or word of your choice.

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Bridesmaid duties can be exhausting, especially when they have to be performed in five-inch stilettos. Show your BFFs that you support them as much as they have yours by proposing with these ultra-comfortable pocket shoes. They’re small enough to slip into a purse or tote and come with a convertible clutch to store high heels.

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Make your proposal even sweeter with this delicious box of macaroons that also includes a champagne-colored scrunchie, two pairs of eye gels, and a scented soy candle with rose and juniper wax.

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Whether you have an imaginative Pisces, a passionate Scorpio, or a practical Taurus in your “I do” crew, these cute pouches will showcase their essence, thanks to the beautiful artwork rendered in brightly colored (and metallic) yarn. The fabric resists dirt, stains, shrinking and stretching, so these bags also make a lasting gift.

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Instead of a ring, offer sparklers of a different kind. This sparkly hairpin is a great addition to any bridesmaids proposal box or pouch you may create yourself and it’s also high-end enough to stand on its own.

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Of course, Cameo has become very popular during the great quarantine of 2020, but it is still very valuable and saves you time. Get one of the actors from Office, Harry Potter Where game of thrones to deliver your proposal message on your behalf.

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Talk about a great prop for those Instagram photos. Imagine how cool your bridal party will be in their stylish dresses juxtaposed with these cool custom jackets. Also, if you’re having a spring, fall, or even summer wedding, a denim jacket can come in handy if the weather gets a little warmer.

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For people planning winter or holiday weddings, this proposal gift doubles as an ornament for your friends’ Christmas trees. Each ornament is custom made for you, so you can get as precise of detail as you want.

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The bridesmaid sleep mask is a beautiful and practical gift to give to the bosses on your team. These cute eye covers are made of quality satin material and fitted with adjustable elastic bands for a comfortable fit that suits most people.

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What better way to get your girls excited than with one of the best wedding-themed movies of all time? Without the food poisoning of course.

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It’s not a guess unless someone asks, so go ahead and do the deed with this artful, straight-to-the-point card. It is totally blank on the other side so you can write a message for your intentions.

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Even if nothing else inside is personalized (because hello, budget costs), these sturdy, wallet-friendly customizable bags will always make your team special.

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This would make the perfect bridesmaids for the bride who opts for the rustic aesthetic. Bring the home away from home feeling of a laid back country song with this mason jar which is a replica of those used on farms and in country restaurants.

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Your bridesmaids will need super cute and super stylish clutch bags for your big day anyway, making this a practical and sensible proposal gift.

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